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Why Do We Sleep?

Why Do We Sleep?

Sleep is the time zone in which people are cleared from the thought that they are resting, the nervous system is resting and the immune system is being repaired. We are sleeping because we are our bodies, because our body rests when we are stretched but our brain is still active. He does a cleaning about things he sees, hears and learns during the day.

During sleep, our brain passes through the data that is gained during the day, and the emotional label and logic we attach to them is also the order of importance. This cleaning is mostly done in REM.

Every night we sleep, we experience a stage called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) about every 90 minutes. We can divide the sleep period into REM and N-REM (Non-REM).

During REM our eyes showed fast movements. Those who awaken to it say that they usually dream. People awaken in the dream are also tired during the day. It is known that people who wake up when REM sleep is completed feel more vigorous. The reason for this is that the brain is partially paralyzed in the REM phase, blocking its movement functions. The duration of REM sleep in childhood is greater.


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