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What Is the Stem Cell?

What Is the Stem Cell?

For hundreds of years, one of the greatest of human beings has been trying to prolong human life by finding a solution to deadly diseases. Previously, plant-derived mixtures are used as drug, and improved surgical techniques as time progresses, the field of genetics and biotechnology advances in stem cell research and organ transplants began, and in recent years has been the impetus. Stem cell research working to find a solution for incurable diseases such as cancer.

Each cell from one cell to another comes in his own likeness. It’s a chain, a cycle. If it is in begging of the chain, (Zygote) comes from the male sperm and the fertilized egg of the woman. Zygote has the genetic information and the power alone that can create an entire organism.

The shortest definition of the stem cell and the different cell types are cells that have the potential to renew itself to be able to generate. The most common definition is that stem cells can be differentiated in such a way that they can renew themselves by dividing them in the appropriate environment and form specialized organs such as blood, liver and muscle that the living thing needs.

There are some general characteristics of stem cells. Settled in an appropriate environment, these cells can grow and multiply, where they can renew themselves. A large number of differentiated cells stem cells can create new collections. Also they can repair and make it functional again after the injury the tissue of the body.


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