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What Is The Fear?

What Is The Fear?

Fear is a feeling of anxiety created by a danger or a thought by our brain. A fear reaction is given because there is a danger in the content of the event. It is made up of chemicals that are released by stimulation of the part of our brain known as amygdala.

We start at very young ages to feel a sense of fear. For example, when our mother tried to get us to do something, the words “do not shut up, it will be like this if you do not eat” are the times when we start to feel the fear first. Later on, as the age progresses, the dimension and width of fear increase.

When the feeling of fear begins to be experienced, we are first raucous, our shoulders scrape. Our present color is whitish, cold cold perspiration.

Our brain works with a complex component called neuroconductor, which consists of electrical signals and chemicals. Because of fear, the acting system reports to the gentleman that the autonomic nervous system is activated and the neurotransducers act. The hypothalamus reports hormone secretion to the pituitary gland. The adrenal gland secreted by the adrenal glands sends signals to the body.

In the case of excitement and fear, secretion of noradrenaline is maintained by increasing secretion of adrenaline. Blood vessels expand, heart beat accelerates, pupils enlarge and blood sugar increases.


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