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The Moon is Older than the Truth

The Moon is Older than the Truth

The Moon, the world’s satellite,turned out that it appeared to be older. According to research, it was seen that the moon existed 4.51 billion years ago. Researchers at the University of California (UCLA) in Los Angeles examined the stones that astronauts brought to light in the Apollo 14 campaign in 1971 and found that the Moon’s Solar System was born about 60 million years later. It was estimated that the Moon was about 100-200 million years after the Solar System.

UCLA researchers have stated that determining the age of the Moon may help to understand the formation of the Solar System and many other rocky planets like Earth.

Astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell, who went to the Moon with Apollo 14, collected a total of 42 kilograms of stone and soil samples from the lunar surface for 9 hours. Zircon mineral was found in stone and soil specimens brought by Shepard and Mitchell to Earth. The researchers, who studied the zircon fragments from the stones brought from the Moon using uranium dating method, saw that the Moon was 4.51 billion years old.


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