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Self-Repairing Phone Screens

Self-Repairing Phone Screens

You have two options when your phone screen is cracked,you can repair or get a new one. Three scientists from the University of California Reverside, developed a material that heals itself by adding a new one to these options. The application areas of this material also include phone screens. With this method, broken phone screen will only be able to repair itself at room temperature in 24 hours.

This self-healing the material of its original size up to 50% extendable, transparent, stretchable polymer and an ionic salt is produced. The force between ions and polar molecules, it has special connection that called ion-dipole interaction.  This material when broken or when scratched, ions and molecules connect for healing the material each others.

Self-healing technology for phones used at LG G Flex in late 2013. The material used in it was also able to repair itself, it had ability scratches and other wear to be able to heal spontaneously in a few minutes. However, smart phone screens could be used, not only the back cover that because it is not conductive.

UC Reverside self-healing in materials, who leads the work of Chao Wang has been working for at least three years for the production of this material. This developed material was introduced  in the Business Insider. Wang, self-healing materials in the actual application of remote although they also for phone screens and batteries by 2020, predicts that will be in our lives.

With a superhero created by Marvel Comics “Wolverine” character, inspired by this technology, many product will have the ability to repair itself in the future. Also it shows that the method would grow faster than the cost of the product low.



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