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Mars Features

Mars Features

Planet 4 in the solar system. Mars is the God of War in Greek mythology. It is also called Red Planet because it is reddish red.

The distance to the Sun is 227,936,637 km. It’s a planet. (Yerberi Planet: ıt means Outer structure, size and mass are the planet that resembles the Earth, or it is also called the planetary planet, for example Venus, Mercury and dwarf planet Ceres as the similar planet next to Mars.)

The highest mountain is in the Solar System. This mountain is named Mount Olympus. (Olympus Mons) is three times bigger than Everest, the world’s highest mountain. There are no steep slopes in this mountain and it is seen like a remote plains in the distance. 1 year on Mars, equal to 687 Earth Day. On the surface of Mars there are events such as pole lights and meteor shower.

Due to the gradual cooling of the core, about 3.9 billion years ago, it lost its global magnetic field. The surface temperature is about -50 degrees.

Mars is thought to be the most likely planet to have life outside the Earth in the Solar System. The radar data in the surveys revealed the presence of water ice in large quantities. At the same time, it was understood by other researches that there was water on Mars’s surface beforehand. The result of the “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” succumbing to the end result, salty water currents were formed in Mars in hot months.

Members of Mars

Mars has 2 members. It is irregularly shaped. These are Phobos and Demios. They were given the names of Phobos and Deimos inspired by the names of the children who helped in the ancient Greek mythology, the god of war, Ares (Mars in the Romans). It’s is unknown how they formed. It is thought that they are astreoites and they are influenced by gravity as they pass by Mars.

In 1877, The members was found by American astronomer Asaph Hall Sr. Found . After a long search, Hall was able to identify these celestial bodies, whose existence was previously predicted.


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