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How to Test a Personality with Lemon

How to Test a Personality with Lemon

If you can even think of lemon juice, this may be more about your personality than maybe your taste. Are you a person who speaks barely, or does he love to speak outwardly? There are tests that give the answer to this question according to the option you have marked. You may have come across social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Even active users of Facebook are likely to have seen these tests many times until now. How accurate do these tests tell us? Who is doing these tests and is claimed to have a definite result? In fact, besides these tests that we should not take into account very much, we do not know other living things in nature, but in humans, this test is already biologically available. You can even do this test with the ingredients in your kitchen. Research has been conducted on this subject and it has emerged that such personality tests can be performed using lemon. Lemon or concentrated lemon juice. How Does? Let’s examine it together.

How to Test a Personality with Lemon?

First of all, this test is based on rather old times. It has a long history. At the same time, we can say that it is a simple test that can be tried in every house. You can do this test with a pair of cotton swabs. This rope is connected to a rope, right in the middle. One of the tips is held on the tongue for 20 seconds, then five drops of lemon juice are instilled and swallowed, then the tip of the rod is held on the tongue for 20 seconds. The rod is removed and rocked from the end of the rope. The aim is to determine whether the bar is horizontal or vertical. If the rod is standing vertically, this indicates that the side we put into our slice after we slicing the lemon drops is very wet and heavy. This means that you have secreted too much saliva because of the lemon juice. This is a sign that you are psychologically oriented towards you. If the rod is standing horizontal, you have not reacted to the lemon juice and you have an outward-facing personality.

How does it work?

The lemon juice test was developed by Hans Eysenck and his colleague ‘s wife in the 1960s, a personality psychology pioneer. In their experiment, it was measured how much saliva accumulated in the cotton before and after the limb using sensitive instruments.

In this test, Hans Eysenck’s theory of “cortical excitation” related to outwardness and inversion was evaluated. Eysenck says that personality is the psychological foundation of this direction and that the introductory cortical arousal thresholds are higher, which leads them to react more strongly to stimuli, to more intense lives, which leads them to avoid certain situations. Eysenck believed that the lemon test confirmed this theory. It is true that the biologic factors are also effective in the personality characteristics of the bite / outward personality and they are partly passed down from the family. But today we know that the theory of arousal is partly true.


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