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How is the Structure of DNA?

How is the Structure of DNA?

DNA is the chain structure in which the hereditary material is found. Genetics the genes that determine hosts and meiosis or mitosis, and of these genes with the structure which enables it to be transferred to the next generation. Any disorder that occur in the DNA of living things or is that a glitch occurred in the reading of the DNA, it can causes the next generation may be problematic or directly affect protein synthesis, causing the structure of the organism to deteriorate. The reading of DNA, or connecting to it on every cellular process, its recognition, its uses or modifies packaging or mechanical structures to be distorted by acting.

DNA is a long chain-like structure. Sometimes the size of DNA on a chromosome can be up to 10 centimeters. The length of the DNA, the hardness of it, and the helical structure is a result of. Enzymes such as helicase and topoisomerase and histone structural proteins, such as some evolved for edit the cell’s DNA.

The properties of DNA, it is said that highly correlated with its molecular structure. In particular, hydrogen bonding and electronic interactions of the DNA strands that connects in each yarn which is weakness compared to the strength of the bond, plays an important role in this relationship.

We know how the DNA’s shape. The spiral chain occurs some mutual bases. These bases; adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. Each adenine opposite thymine, cytosine opposite guanine each.


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